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Lianhua Peak (Lotus Peak) AAA Scenery Area (Upright Lotus Peak, one of Shantou's Eight Sights)
Date: 2010-01-14      Source: Website of the Municipal Tourism Bureau

This national AAA tourist attraction is in Haimen Town, Chaoyang District. As the cracked granite in the mountain looks like lotus flowers, upright and graceful, it becomes a natural and cultural resort. As the legend goes, in 1278 A.D., towards the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, the royal family was forced to flee to the south as the Yuan Dynasty army moved in. When Wen Tianxiang rushed here to protect the Song Emperor, Emperor Gang had already left for Yamen in Xinhui. Wen Tianxiang climbed onto the Lotus Peak but did not find the Emperor's boat. In grief, he stamped his foot on the rock, which cracked into a lotus flower. To the northwest of the Lotus Peak, a Lianfeng Academy (Lotus Peak Academy) was built in 1594 to commemorate Wen Tianxiang and Zhang Lu'an (a scholar in the Southern Song Dynasty). In front of the Academy, a rock was carved with two words Zhong Nan (South End), which is said the work by Wen Tianxiang, meaning the last retreat to the south. Since the Song Dynasty, the Lotus Peak has been the place where men of letters pay their tribute to the virtuous people in history. Other resorts in the scenery area are the Wangfu Rock (Husband Waiting Rock), natural swimming beach and cliff inscriptions.

Source: Website of the Municipal Tourism Bureau

莲花峰风景区 AAA (汕头八景之“莲峰浩气”)

  国家AAA级旅游区。位于潮阳区海门镇。区内有花岗岩山石开裂如莲花,巍然挺秀,是具有自然景观和人文景观的旅游胜地。传说南宋末年,宋王室为元兵所逼南撤。1278年,文天祥护帝抵此时,宋帝昰已奔新会崖门。文天祥登临莲花峰,不见帝舟,悲痛顿足,石碎成莲花峰。莲花峰西北侧有建于1594年的莲峰书院,专为纪念文天祥和南宋学者张鲁庵而建。莲峰书院前有一石头,上刻 “终南”二字,相传为文天祥所刻,表示南退到此为止。自宋代起,莲花峰便成为历代文人墨客凭吊前贤的芳迹。区内还有望夫石、天然浴场和摩崖石刻等景点。



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