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Chen Cihong's Residence(Nice Breeze in Cihong's Residence, one of Shantou's Eight Sights)
Date: 2010-01-14      Source: Website of the Municipal Tourism Bureau

Known as the best overseas Chinese residence in Lingnan and a key protected cultural relics in Guangdong Province, Chen Cihong's Former Residence was built by the famous Chen Hongli family in Qianmei Village, Longdu Town, Chenghai District. The construction of the residence started in 1910, lasted almost 30 years and was not finished until 1939. The 25,400-sqm residence consists of 506 rooms in 4 complex houses where the traditional Chaoshan architectural style of "4-horse-drawn chariot" goes well with western villas. The 4 complex houses are Langzhong Mansion, Shoukang Dwelling, Shanju Chamber and Sanlu Study, and strewed between them are pavilions, terraces, corridors and overpasses, forming a giant courtyard. The residence is basically built with brick and timber and decorated with Chaoshan wood carvings, stone carvings, plaster sculptures, porcelain and glass. Galleries for puppet shows, local operas, folk customs and handicrafts are opened here and local Shuangyao'e (geese fight) square dance and tea performance are staged in the residence. It is actually a museum for the overseas Chinese culture in Chaoshan area.


Source: Website of the Municipal Tourism Bureau


  被誉为“岭南第一侨宅”,广东省省级文物重点保护单位。位于澄海区隆都镇前美村,由著名旅外侨胞陈黉利家族兴建而成。始建于1910年,1939年完工,历时近30年。占地面积2.54万平方米,共有厅房506间,以传统潮汕民居“驷马拖车”糅合西式洋楼,形成中西合璧建筑风格。整个院落由 “郎中第”、“寿康里”、“善居室”和“三庐”书斋4座宅院构成,宅院之间点缀亭台楼阁,通廊天桥,萦回曲折,连成一个庞大的院落。故居建筑为砖木结构,建筑装饰既有潮汕传统木雕、石雕、灰塑工艺又有现代瓷砖、玻璃等,显得古朴典雅。故居辟有木偶馆、戏曲馆、民俗馆、工艺馆等展馆,还有带浓郁潮汕民俗气息的双咬鹅广场舞表演和工夫茶道表演。是潮汕华侨文化的一个缩影。



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