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The World's Largest "Great Crested-Tern" Breeding Group Appeared in Shantou Nan'ao Island
Date: 2019-06-17      Source: Shantou Daily

Recently, a large number of new terns appeared on Wuyu Island and Chiyu Island in Nan'ao County of our city. It was confirmed by the expert group of as the largest breeding group of the great crested-tern in the world. It was nearly 10 thousand according to the preliminary statistics.

Wuyu Island, a Nan'ao Island protected area on the bird migratory route of East Asia-Australia, covers an area of about 0.04 square kilometers. It is surrounded by cliffs and reefs and the reef rock scatters in the various islands and sea area. It provides rich food for the habitat                     of tern. Previously, the island has attracted tens of thousands of terns such as bridled terns and roseate tern to inhabit and breed. At present, the great crested-terns have two nesting areas on Wuyu Island, and some areas are on Chiyu Island. In order to further study the breeding behavior of the great crested tern, the interspecific competition and migration rules, researchers have installed monitoring equipment on the island and the great crested terns, and will also strengthen the monitoring on epidemic disease and appropriate transformation of vegetation in some areas of Wuyu Island, providing effective protection for birds.

Source:Shantou Daily, June 17, 2019





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