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New Shantou Archive Open to Public
Date: 2019-12-29      Source: Shantou Daily


On December 28, the new Shantou Archive was officially open to public at No.12 Shanfen Road. The new archive is designed in accordance with the standards of national first-level comprehensive archives and nation-level digital archives. It mainly stores the documentary archives and basically covers all types of archives from typical, local and representative state organs, enterprises and public institutions in our city, contributing to a collection system featuring complete categories, reasonable structure, diversified carriers and local characteristics of Shantou.

In addition to professional and technical rooms set up as per national specifications, functional rooms such as multimedia demonstration hall accommodating 101 seats and conference hall are also included in the new Shantou Archive. The first floor of the new archive is the reception & service hall where citizens can look up in the archives accessible to them by virtue of legitimate certificates (introduction letter, ID card or work permit, student ID card, etc.). In addition, the Shantou Archive is also willing to provide archive services for the citizens by the channels such as telephone consultations and letters from them. The new archive contains 3 permanent exhibition halls and 1 temporary exhibition area in the new archive, which are the "Tuo City Memory" and "Chaoshan Culture" Exhibition Halls on the first floor, the Exceptional Collection Exhibition Hall on the second floor and the Provisional Exhibition Area on the third floor respectively, with a total exhibition area of above 1500 square meters.

Source:Shantou Daily, Dec 29, 2019





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