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Shantou Issued the First Proof of Its Kind in East Guangdong on Force Majeure for an NCP Epidemic Affected Enterprise
Date: 2020-02-07      Source: Shantou Daily

Affected by the NCP epidemic, some foreign trade enterprises in Shantou will be certainly unable to achieve the delivery of goods on time due to logistics interruption, suspension of operation, customs clearance, etc., resulting in such risks as overdue performance and expiration of letter of credit. On February 6th, China Council For The Promotion of International Trade Shantou Sub-council issued for free Yuansheng Industry Co., Ltd. in Shantou a proof of force majeure on the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic with a view to helping such enterprises affected by NCP to maintain their legitimate rights and interests, reduce economic losses, and stabilize the operation of foreign trade in Shantou. The first factual proof of its kind in East Guangdong on force majeure for the NCP epidemic affected enterprise is issued to benefit the company to avoid the risks of bearing the first batch of economic losses of about 400,000 yuan and not being able to renew the contract.

Source:Shantou Daily, Feb 7, 2020


  受疫情影响,我市部分外贸企业因物流中断、企业停产、出口清关等原因,将出现无法按期交付货物,产生了逾期履行,信用证到期等风险。为帮助企业维护合法权益、减少经济损失,稳定我市对外贸易, 26日,我市贸促会免费为汕头市远生实业有限公司出具新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎疫情不可抗力事实性证明。这也是粤东首份新冠肺炎疫情不可抗力事实性证明书,帮助该企业规避了需要承担第一批经济损失约40万人民币及不能续签约的风险。


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