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A New Shipping Route Launched at Guang'ao Port Area of Port of Shantou after Resumption of Production
Date: 2020-02-26      Source: Shantou Daily

Since the coronavirus outbreak began this Spring Festival, port terminal production at Guang'ao Port Area has been affected to some extent.Under this circumstance, Shantou CMPort Group Co., Ltd. successfully launcheda barge route of "Guang'ao Port Area - JieyangHongdong Terminal", the first new shipping route ever since resumption of construction after taking the initiative to adopt innovative ideasand createnew opportunities in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.With Jieyang and Chaozhou as its destinations of cargo flow, this route is launched to achieve interconnection between Guang'aoPort Area and JieyangHongdongContainer Terminal through the mode of water-water transfer.

More than 60% of the outbound towing drivers working at Port of Shantou are of Hubei nationality. Affected by the coronavirus outbreak, it is difficult to resume work within a short period of time, and the terminal towing capacity is seriously insufficient. In order to fight against difficulties, Shantou CMPort Group Co., Ltd.launched a new channel featuring regional container shipping by adopting barge transport mode through intensive market research and orchestration. During the epidemic period, the promotion of this model will benefit alleviating the shortage of towing capacity, hence providing strong impetus for resumption of production little by little.

Source:Shantou Daily, Feb 26, 2020





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