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The Rongjiang Grand Bridge on the Chaoshan Ring Road Has Entered the Crucial Phase of Main Bridge Closure
Date: 2020-07-16      Source: Shantou Daily


On July 14, the secondary side span of the side steel box girder on the north bank of the main bridge of the Rongjiang Grand Bridge of the Chaoshan Ring Expressway built by CCCC Second Highway Engineering Bureau was closed. So far, the closure of the secondary side spans on the north and south banks was successfully completed ahead of time. This marks the closure of side span and mid-span of the main bridge of the Rongjiang Grand Bridge has entered the crucial stage.

Up to now, 75% of the erection work of the steel box girder of the main bridge has been completed, the construction of the north-south approach bridge is ongoing smoothly, the precast girder of the north approach bridge has been erected, and 60% of the precast girder of the south approach bridge has been erected.

Source:Shantou Daily,July 16, 2020





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