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ShanTou Association of Electronic Commerce Industry and "Jingxi" Reached a Strategic Cooperation
Date: 2020-09-22      Source: Shantou Daily

Recently, ShanTou Association of Electronic Commerce Industry and JD. COM's social e-commerce platform "Jingxi" has reached a strategic cooperation, seeking a new platform for the Shantou beauty and personal care industry to switch to domestic sales in the post-epidemic era. It will push forward industrial transformation and upgrading, and high-quality development.

In this strategic cooperation, our city's e-commerce association will jointly build a Shantou beauty and personal care industry belt demonstration base with "Jingxi". After the founding of the base, "Jingxi" will be engaged in thoroughly promoting the new retail infrastructure of the industrial belt and the place of origin by means of special cooperation, the creation of a new form of live broadcasts of the industrial belt, and the switch to domestic sales from export, fueling the building of a new digital industrial belt. To realize high quality and low price equally, the platform will rely on the advantages of the supply chain of the origin, and deliver products with high quality and good price directly to consumers without any intermediate circulation links. By this strong alliance, it will be favorable to Shantou beauty & person care enterprises getting out of the mire of the epidemic. It can further assist enterprises in their transformation and upgrading, contributing to high-quality economic development in Shantou.

Source:Shantou Daily, Sep 22, 2020





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