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The 31st Chaoshan Xinghe Award Conference Held in Shantou
Date: 2020-09-21      Source: Shantou Daily


On the morning of September 20, our city witnessed the Award Ceremony of the 31st Chaoshan Xinghe Award, the 14th Xinghe Guorui Tech Award, the 10th Xinghe Huiyong Exemplary Teacher Award, and the 8th Xinghe Zhongqingbao Student Grant, which was held both in the cloud and on the spot. A total of 191 outstanding teenagers and 42 advanced collectives won five Xinghe Awards for "Morality, Academics, Science & Technology, Literature and Sports"; a total of 9 science and technology elites and 94 outstanding teachers won the Xinghe Guorui Tech Award and the Xinghe Huiyong Exemplary Teacher Award. In addition, a total of 48 students received the sponsorship from the Xinghe Zhongqingbao Student Grant, and 10 Chaoshan students received funding from the Xinghe Student Grant. The award ceremony was held in the cloud and on the spot simultaneously.

Over the past more than 30 years, the Chaoshan Xinghe Award, hailed as the "Nobel Prize" for Chaoshan teenagers, has developed from the original "Xinghe Five Awards" exclusive to teenagers, to a comprehensive platform motivating advanced individuals and collectives, which covers the "Guorui Tech Award", the "Huiyong Exemplary Teacher Award", and the "Xinghe Achievement Award", the "Zhongqingbao Student Grant", the "Xinghe Student Grant", etc. The award has been embedded in people's heart as "Xinghe Culture". It is a well-known brand in the Shantou, Chaozhou and Jieyang and has a broad and far-reaching impact on their social, economic and cultural development.

Source:Shantou Daily, Sep 21, 2020



  被誉为潮汕青少年诺贝尔奖的潮汕星河奖创立30年来,从原来只设立面向青少年的星河五项奖,发展至目前包括 国瑞科技奖”“辉勇师表奖”“星河成就奖”“中青宝助学金星河助学金等在内的一个奖励先进的综合平台,形成了深入人心的星河文化,成为潮汕三市的一块知名品牌,对三市社会经济文化发展产生了广泛和深远的影响。


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