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Five Villages in Shantou were Shortlisted for the Seventh Batch of "Guangdong Ancient Villages"
Date: 2020-12-22      Source: Shantou Daily

Five villages in our city declared the seventh batch of "Guangdong Ancient Villages" and were shortlisted in the final evaluation. From December 17 to 19, the ancient village expert panel carried out inspection work in our city, and successively went to Shangjiao Community, Chenghua Street, Chenghai District, Xianjia Community, Longtian Town, Chaonan District, Xianmencheng Community, Xiancheng Town, Chaonan District, Zhupu Community, Queshi Street, Haojiang District, Donghu Community, Guang'ao Street, Haojiang District and other ancient villages for field investigation and evaluation. The expert panel believes that the five villages in the investigation have preserved the basic features of the ancient villages, especially the villages have a long history, numerous talents coming forth, exquisite construction craftsmanship, profound historical and cultural accumulation, and distinctive regional characteristics. It is hoped that the local government will strengthen the integration of cultural protection and tourism industry of ancient villages, further explore the history of ancient villages, and make better planning and utilization to enrich the cultural connotation of ancient villages.

Source:Shantou Daily, Dec 22, 2020




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