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Two Parks will be Built on the South Bank of Shantou Inner Bay
Date: 2021-01-14      Source: Shantou Daily


Recently, Haojiang District of our city has started the construction of Nanbin Greenland Park and Shilin Lake Park, and is committed to creating a business card for the south bank of the Inner Bay and enhancing the image of the city.

Nanbin Greenland Park, located on the south bank of the Queshi Bridge, has a total land area of about 1,412.4 mu. It is divided into eastern and western areas by the Queshi Bridge. The design of the park is orientated with "city gateway, vitality park". After completion, it will serve as the city gateway of Shantou, meeting the needs of citizens for leisure, entertainment and life, and becoming a historical and cultural business card carrying the memories of Shantou.

The redesigned Shilin Lake Park has a total land area of about 266.4 mu, divided into two plots in the north and south, i.e. the Shilin Lake Scenic Area and the Phoenix Forest Scenic Area. Part of the existing landscape stones will be preserved in the park. The design will be based on the creation of open lawn space and undulating micro-topography, creating a multi-functional venue for recreation and viewing, leisure strolls, and friends gatherings.

Source:Shantou Daily, Jan 14, 2021






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