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Five Villages in Shantou were Shortlisted for the Seventh Batch of "Guangdong Ancient Villages"
Date: 2021-02-02      Source: Shantou Daily

Recently,the list of the seventh batch of "Guangdong Ancient Villages"was announced by the Guangdong Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the Guangdong Folk Literature and Art Association. Five villages in our city are on the list, namely Shangjiao Community, Chenghua Subdistrict, Chenghai District, and Zhupu Community, Queshi Sub-district, Haojiang District, Donghu Community, Guang'ao Sub-district, Haojiang District, Xianmencheng Community, Xiancheng Town, Chaonan District, Xianjia Community, Longtian Town, Chaonan District.

Source:Shantou Daily, Feb 2, 2021




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