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Shantou Medical Aids Team to Ghana Received Medical License by the Ministry of Health of Ghana
Date: 2021-02-21      Source: Shantou Daily


The 10th batch of Chinese (Guangdong) Medical  Aids Team to Ghana (11 members from the First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College) was completely organized by Shantou City on behalf of the country, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to carry out foreign aid medical tasks was recently awarded medical license by the Ministry of Health of Ghana. During the one-year international medical assistance work, the "Angels in White" in Shantou will use their superb medical skills to solve problems for the local people.

The ceremony was held at the Sino-Ghana Friendship Hospital, the aided hospital. Ms. Anastasia Yirenkyi, Director of the Department of Traditional and Alternative Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Ghana, expressed her sincerest welcome to the medical team on behalf of the Ghanaian government. She said that the Sino-Ghana Friendship Hospital is a symbol of friendship between China and Ghana, appreciated the Chinese Medical Team for its contribution to the medical cause of Ghana and all the help provided to the Hospital, and praised the medical team’s lofty spirit of "Doctors has no Boundaries, and Love is Boundless".

Source:Shantou Daily, Feb 21



  仪式在受援医院中加友好医院举行,加纳卫生部传统和替代医学司司长 Anastasia Yirenkyi女士代表加纳政府表达了对医疗队最真挚的欢迎。她表示中加友好医院是中加友谊的象征,感谢中国医疗队为加纳医疗事业做出的贡献,为中加友好医院提供的所有帮助,赞誉医疗队“医者无界,大爱无疆”的崇高精神。


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