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Chaozhou Forks and Fellows from Four Cities Gathered in "Cloud" to Celebrate the Lantern Festival
Date: 2021-02-26      Source: Shantou Daily


On the evening of February 25, a Spring Tea Party on e-Cloud of Chao People from Shantou, Hong Kong and Macao themed "Realizing Dreams when Tide Rising from Spring River" was broadcast live on Shantou Olive Station, receiving a large number of comments and Supports by the netizens.

Thise-cloud party event broke the limitations of venue and space. Through the online live platform, it was held by interaction across air with Shantou as the main venue and Hong Kong, Macao, and Shenzhen as the branch venues, integrating the wonderful programs and blessing videos recorded in advance by the folks and entertainers of Chaozhou people from the four places into a cloud evening party full of Chaozhou style. Chaozhou youths from the four places also met in "Cloud" with full blessings and good wishes, and brought blessings to the motherland, hometown, and relatives and friends to the "Cloud" scene. In addition to art performances and blessings, beautiful scenery of Shantou, the promotional video of the Asian Youth Games and other contents were also inserted in the live broadcast, which showed the humanistic scenery of the happy hometown of overseas Chinese, allowed the Chaozhou people in other places to know about the changes in their hometown and jointly wish the Asian Youth Games a success.

Source:Shantou Daily, Feb 26, 2021





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