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Shantou Baoao City Market Procurement Trade Network Information Platform Passed Acceptance
Date: 2021-03-04      Source: Shantou Daily

On the morning of March 3, the Baoao City Market Procurement Trade Network Information Platformreceived the joint acceptance of relevant regulatory departments, proving that it has been ready for operation. This also means that Baoao City will officially initiate market procurement trade, allowing more companies to enjoy VAT exemption and non refunding, classified customs clearance, trade facilitation and other policy benefits. In addition, they can also have chances to expand their marketing channels for the products and new paths for foreign trade.

On the spot of the acceptance meeting, the function modules of the platform were demonstrated and were tested, and successfully complete the main body filing, commodity filing, transaction registration, cargo collection and packing, customs clearance declaration and other processes. The system can trace the source of goods, suppliers, logistics channels, whereabouts of goods, etc., and each supervisory department can conduct full-process supervision on the market procurement trade business.

In the next step, Baoao City will continue to attract investment precisely, arrange advantageous industrial clusters in the region, such as toys, sweaters, stationery, household clothes, hardware and stainless steel, as pilot merchants, and help small, medium and micro enterprises solve difficult and painful problems in export trade, facilitating more enterprises to do foreign trade business at home. Ourgovernment will also develop specific supportive measures and policies as soon as possible, increase support for Baoao City in market procurement trade methods, thus forming a joint force to boost the development of new types of business.

Source:Shantou Daily, Mar 4, 2021





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