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Shantou "Smart Asian Youth Games" on CCTV
Date: 2021-03-11      Source: Shantou TV

On the evening of March 11, the program of "Going to the Grassroots: Exploring the Construction of 'Smart Asian Youth Games' Stadium", planned by Shantou Reporter Station of Guangdong Radio and Television Station and Shantou Media Convergence Group, was released on CCTV News Channel "Live News", using "futuristic tech" to show people across the country "Smart Asian Youth Games", "Smart City" and "Smart Construction Site".

The main stadium project of the Asian Youth Games in Shantou innovatively adopted the "smart site command center". The stadium construction fully applied the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet, GIS, artificial intelligence and other technologies. Through the integration of the systems such as smart monitoring system, mechanical operation monitoring system, smart sprinkler system, AI helmet recognition system, smart smoke sensing system, smart construction site App and BIM application, the construction site can be monitored and managed in all aspects to promote the safe production and rapid construction of the project. At the same time, the level of project management has been greatly improved by using the big data smart visual management platform. As the first batch of smart construction sites in Shantou's urban area, this project has set a benchmark for other projects.

Source:Shantou TV, Mar 11, 2021





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