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Shantou’s Mayu Island Has Its First Seaside Bookstore
Date: 2022-04-24      Source: Shantou Daily


On April 23, Mayu Lanhesheng Bookstore opened for trial operation on the plank road on the east coast of Mayu Island, Shantou, drawing a large number of local residents and tourists to check out.

The bookstore is designed as a glass house and adopts white as its primary color.Apart from those books for sale, there are also almost 2000 copies, which are supplied by Longhu District Library and can be borrowed from and returned to any public library across the city, available for people to borrow home. 

This highly attractive bookstore by the seaside, the first of its kind in Shantou, will have in the future book-centered homestay, restaurant, café, outdoor wedding, reading club and other cultural and tourist services to meet people’s diverse needs. At present, the other spaces are still under construction and are expected to open to the public in May.

Source:Shantou Daily, Apr 24, 2022





来源:汕头日报 2022-4-24

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