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The Hutou Mountain Tunnel will be Opened Simultaneously with the Shantou Bay Tunnel
Date: 2022-09-21      Source: Shantou Daily


Recently, the Hutou Mountain Tunnel, a key provincial and municipal construction project, and the Hutoushan Tunnel -- Leiguang Avenue section of the South-extended Project successfully passed the final acceptance. The conditions for opening traffic are already in place, and the Hutou Mountain Tunnel will be opened simultaneously with the main line of the Shantou Bay Tunnel. At that time, the Shantou Bay Tunnel and the Hutou Moutain Tunnel will be interconnected, which adds a fast track from the main urban area of Haojiang to the Nanbin area and the north bank of the central urban area, making transportation more convenient for citizens.

Source:Shantou Daily, Sep 21, 2022



来源:汕头日报 2022-9-21

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