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Shantou Business Cooperation Delegation Visit New Zealand, Australia, and Malaysia for Exchanges
Date: 2023-09-04      Source: Shantou Daily

From August 19 to 28, Xie Zesheng, Chairman of the 13th CPPCC Shantou Committee and Chairman of Teochew International Federation, led Shantou Business Cooperation Delegation to visit New Zealand, Australia, and Malaysia for exchanges.

Wherever he visited, Xie Zesheng, head of the Delegation, had friendly conversations with overseas Chinese of Chaoshan origin, for the purpose of renewing their love for their hometown and pursuing common development. He actively promoted and presented the economic and social development of Shantou, carefully heard the opinions and suggestions of overseas Chinese leaders and Chaoshan business people on the high-quality organizing of the 22nd Teochew International Convention and the 10th World Chaoshan Entrepreneurs Convention in 2024, and warmly invited overseas Chinese of Chaoshan origin to return to their hometown next year to participate in the grand events, pursue common development and join hands to write a new chapter of greater unity and solidarity of Chaoshan business people worldwide. The representatives of overseas associations, overseas Chinese leaders and Chaoshan business people said that they would continue to pay attention to and support the construction and development of their hometown, actively mobilize overseas Chinese to join hands to well organize the “two grand events”, create new opportunities for cooperation with Shantou, deepen commercial and trade exchanges, and promote economic prosperity and development of both their residing country and Shantou.

Source:Shantou Daily, Sep 4, 2023




来源:汕头日报 2023-9-4

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