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Shantou Organizes a Delegation to Visit the 2023 China (Guangdong) International Tourism Industry Expo
Date: 2023-09-16      Source: Shantou Daily

On September 15, the three-day 2023 China (Guangdong) International Tourism Industry Expo (CITIE) opened at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. Shantou organized a delegation to participate in the CITIE to comprehensively promote and present Shantou's rich cultural tourism resources.

This year's CITIE set up three themed exhibition halls: the International Cultural Tourism Hall, the Cultural Tourism Integration Hall, and the Cultural Tourism Consumption Experience Hall, bringing together exhibitors from more than 50 countries and regions as well as 30 domestic provinces (regions and municipalities).The Shantou Cultural Tourism Showroom  is located at booth B65 of the Cultural Tourism Integration Hall. Under the theme of “Meet in Four Seasons, Enjoy in Shantou”, it highlights coastal scenery, red overseas Chinese culture, and food culture, and incorporates Shantou landmarks including Zhenbang Food Street, Nan'ao Bridge, and Department Stores. Through live-streaming recommendations, food promotion, cultural and creative displays, and other ways on the spot, brand-new promotion of Shantou's tourism resources was conducted, attracting many exhibitors and citizens to visit.

Source:Shantou Daily, Sep 16, 2023



  本届旅博会设置国际文化旅游馆、文旅融合馆、文旅消费体验馆三大主题展馆,汇聚全球50多个国家和地区、国内30个省(区、市)参展机构。汕头文旅专馆设在文旅融合馆的B65展位,以“相约四季 玩美汕头”为主题,突出滨海风光、红侨文化、美食文化,并融入镇邦美食街、南澳大桥、百货大楼等汕头地标,现场通过直播推荐、美食推广、文创展示等方式,对汕头的旅游资源进行全新推介,吸引了大批参展商和市民前来参观。

来源:汕头日报 2023-9-16

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