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The "May 19 China Tourism Day" Activities are Launched at Shantou Small Park
Date: 2024-05-20      Source: Shantou Daily


On the morning of May 19, the "May 19 China Tourism Day" Activities and "Appreciating and Experiencing Yingge Dance - Shantou Cultural and Creative Week", which were jointly organized by Shantou Media Convergence Group, Shantou Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. and Shantou Cultural Creative Industry Association under the guidance of Shantou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, were launched at Shantou Small Park, which attracted many citizens and tourists to appreciate and experience.

During this year's May Day holiday, "Appreciating and Experiencing Yingge Dance - Shantou Cultural and Creative Week" was organized at Chaoshan Historical and Cultural Expo Center, providing a holiday cultural feast for citizens and tourists. Starting from May 19, the "Cultural and Creative Week" activities were once again organized at Shantou Small Park, extending until May 26. During the event, the organizers would set up the lantern riddle competition, cultural fair, intangible cultural heritage exhibition, stage performance and other exciting sessions in Shantou Small Park, so that citizens and tourists can get to know Shantou's characteristic traditional culture up close.

Source:Shantou Daily, May 20, 2024




来源:汕头日报 2024-5-20

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