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The Approach Span of the Jingzao Bridge of Chaozhou-Shantou Loop Expressway is Connected
Date: 2024-05-29      Source: Shantou Daily


The prefabricated small box girders for the approach span of the Jingzao Bridge Project (the Phase III Project of Chaozhou-Shantou Loop Expressway), which was constructed by China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Co., Ltd., were all erected on May 27. So far, the approach span had been connected, and the Project had fully entered the stage of bridge deck system and ancillary construction.

The Jingzao Bridge Project of Chaozhou-Shantou Loop Expressway connects with the Liaison Line of Chaozhou-Shantou Loop Expressway. It crosses the Rongjiang South River from south to north, and connects with Shantou City and Jieyang City, with a total project length of 3,110 meters. What had been completed this time was the approach span of the main bridge on the north bank side of Jingzao Bridge, with a total of 430 small box girders erected. Up to now, 90% of the overall works of the Jingzao Bridge Project of Chaozhou-Shantou Loop Expressway has been completed. Currently, the construction of both the bridge deck system and the ancillary project is being simultaneously advanced in an orderly manner, every effort is being made to complete the construction of Jingzao Bridge and opening it to traffic at the end of this year.

Source:Shantou Daily, May 29, 2024




来源:汕头日报 2024-5-27

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