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The First Box Girder of the Whole Line of Eastern Guangdong Intercity Railway is Successfully Erected
Date: 2024-05-31      Source: Shantou Daily

The first girder of the whole line of Eastern Guangdong East Intercity Railway was successfully erected on May 30, marking that the Project had entered the box girder erection stage from the box girder prefabrication stage.

Jinping Girder Fabrication Yard, which completed the erection of the first box girder this time, covers an area of about 170 mu (about 11.33 hectares), with a maximum storage capacity of 160 girders. It is the largest box girder erection base for the whole line of Eastern Guangdong East Intercity Railway, and is responsible for the prefabrication and erection of 1,010 girders. During the erection of the first box girder, the construction team adopted the cross-line girder lifting machine to lift the girder onto the bridge, and then with the collaborative operation of girder-transporting vehicles and bridge-erecting cranes, the first box girder, which was 32.6 meters long and 11.2 meters wide and weighed 600 tons, was finally successfully erected at the designated location.

Source:Shantou Daily, May 31, 2024




来源:汕头日报 2024-5-31

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