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The Main Bridge of Jingzao Bridge Over the Chaozhou-Shantou Loop Expressway has been Successfully Joined
Date: 2024-06-19      Source: Shantou Daily


On the morning of June 18, the main bridge of Jingzao Bridge, the phase-III project of the Chaozhou-Shantou Loop Expressway, was successfully joined with millimeter-level precision, thus successfully connecting Shantou and Jieyang on the north and south banks of the South Rongjiang River. The completion of the Project lays a solid foundation for meeting the conditions for opening to traffic by the end of this year, contributing to the formation of transportation networks featured “fast accessibility, tiered networks, and coordination and efficiency” in the Shantou-Chaozhou-Jieyang metropolitan area.

The total length of Jingzao Bridge over the Chaozhou-Shantou Loop Expressway is about 3,110 meters. Among others, the main bridge of Jingzao Bridge is a control project for the entire project, with a total length of about 1,793 meters, crossing the South Rongjiang River. The two main towers in the north and south, with a height of about 126 meters, are located in Shantou and Jieyang, respectively. The section shape of the main tower column is designed as a diamond shape, and the design elements are extracted from the "Golden Phoenix Flower", the city flower of Shantou, and "Lotus", the city flower of Jieyang. The evolution design is carried out through the combination of petal shapes, with the blooming "Double Flowers" symbolizing that "Shantou and Jieyang share the same origin, and the two cities are connected by the blooming flowers".

Source:Shantou Daily, June 19, 2024




来源:汕头日报 2024-6-19

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