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The 2024 Chaoshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Carnival will be Held in Shantou
Date: 2024-06-27      Source: Shantou Daily

The 2024 Chaoshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Carnival, co-sponsored by the China National Society for the Promotion of Arts and Culture and the China Culture Newspaper, will be held at the Chaoshan Historical and Cultural Expo Center from July 10th to August 31st.On the morning of June 25, the organizing committee held a symposium at the Chaoshan Historical and Cultural Expo Center to introduce the preparations for this event, and hired cultural experts, scholars and representatives of intangible cultural heritage inheritors from Shantou City as advisors for this intangible cultural heritage carnival.

During this intangible cultural heritage carnival, the sponsors will, by holding a series of branded activities such as the intangible cultural heritage fair and the intangible cultural heritage China-Chic show, showcase intangible cultural heritage items such as Chaoshan ancient architecture construction techniques, Chaoshan embroidery, Chao opera, and Chaoshan Kung Fu Tea; and relying on cultural spaces such as the villages and towns, historical and cultural blocks and scenic areas with the characteristics of intangible cultural heritage, organize online and offline activities, create new models of "intangible cultural heritage + cultural creativity" and "intangible cultural heritage + tourism", and mobilize E-commerce platforms to launch activities such as "TikTok influencers' exploration of stores", so that more citizens and tourists can know, appreciate and love intangible cultural heritage.

Source:Shantou Daily, June 27, 2024




来源:汕头日报 2024-6-27

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