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Shantou Mayu Island is Proposed to be Selected as a National 4A Scenic Area
Date: 2024-07-02      Source: Shantou Daily


On June 24, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism issued a public notice, proposing to select 14 scenic areas as national 4A scenic areas, among which Shantou Mayu Island Scenic Area was on the list.

The coastline of Mayu Island is 2.47 kilometers long, with an area of 0.24 square kilometers and an elevation of 39 meters. The entire island is high in the middle and low around, with the Shantou Bay Bridge crossing the entire island from north to south. The existing historic sites on Mayu Island include the former site of Chaozhou Customs, and the former office of the commissioner of customs. The main tourist attractions include the bathing beach, Guanyin statue, Guanhai Pavilion, Laoma Palace, Sea Dragon King Temple, Militia Haixia Sculpture, Mayu Blue Bookstore, Tao Zhu Pavilion, and Mayu Bay. Mayu Island was rated as a national 3A scenic area in 2020.

Source:Shantou Daily, July 2, 2024




来源:汕头日报 2024-7-2

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