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Construction of Guang’ao Sub-Port’s 100000-Ton Container Terminal in Shantou Port Started
Date: 2015-09-16      Source:

After the starting of construction of 20,000-ton petrochemical wharf in Shantou Guang'ao sub-port, the second-phase of construction of Guang'ao sub-port, namely, the 100,000-ton container terminal, was started on the morning of September 15th, which marks the beginning of Shantou Port to develop into an international deep-water port.

Both the second-phase project of Guang'ao sub-port, namely, the 100,000-ton container terminal, and the 20,000-ton petrochemical terminal, are located in Guang'ao Bay in Haojiang District. For the first project, two container berths with 100,000-ton cargo handling capacity and one with 10,000-ton cargo handling capacity will be completed, and their annual throughput capacity will be 1.25 million TEUs, with total investment estimated to be 2.876 billion yuan. For the second project, one 20,000-ton terminal for handling and storage of petrochemical cargos will be built and two 5,000-ton petrochemical cargo ships will be berthed, with total investment of about 497 million yuan. 

Source:Shantou Daily, Sep 16, 2015




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