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Guests from Siemens Healthcare Visit Shantou
Date: 2015-09-25      Source:

Mr. Bernd Montag, Global President of Siemens Healthcare GmbH, and his entourage have recently arrived in Shantou to conduct investigations for the joint investment in Siemens Color Doppler Ultrasound project.  

Mr. Chen Maohui, Secretary of the CPC Shantou Committee, said during the meeting that the medical equipment industry started early in Shantou and has gained satisfactory development, and several self-developed technologies are the mostly advanced in China. He hoped this cooperation would lead to the establishment of a Siemens Healthcare Sciences and Technologies Park, and makes it a demonstration zone for Sino-Germany cooperation to promote more economic and cultural exchange and cooperation between Shantou and Germany. Mr. Bernd Montage said China is a promising market and Siemens Healthcare would extend her development strategy to Shantou, work hard for concrete progress in the relevant project and seek more far-reaching cooperation with Shantou.

Source:Shantou Daily, Sep 25, 2015


  德国西门子医疗集团全球总裁Bernd Montag一行近日莅汕,就在汕合作投资西门子彩超项目进行考察。
  市委书记陈茂辉在会见中表示,我市医疗设备产业起步较早,发展态势良好,多项自主技术在国内处于领先地位。希望通过此次合作契机,谋求创办西门子医疗科技产业园,将其打造成为中德合作的示范区,从而推动汕头与德国实现更多领域的经贸文化往来和合作。Bernd Montag表示,德国西门子医疗集团十分看好中国市场,将把发展战略进一步延伸到汕头,推动相关项目尽快取得实质性进展,寻求与汕头实现更深远的合作。


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